Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN)

Trainees based at the NALHN will find their internship to be a challenging and rewarding year personally and professionally. It will offer a range of diverse opportunities to consolidate and develop knowledge, skills and attitudes as trainees make the transition from medical student to medical officer.

NALHN intern training position fact sheet

Allocation to a home hospital

When an applicant is offered and accepts an intern position at NALHN they will be asked to provide additional information, including their preferred 'home' hospital and rotation preferences. NALHN will use this information to determine the best fit of home hospital – Lyell McEwin Hospital (LMH) or Modbury Hospital - in line with an intern's career goals and interests. Due to a larger number of intern applicants preferencing one hospital in the NALHN than there are available positions, allocation of home hospital for the oversubscribed hospital will be conducted on a random basis. This is in line with the Terms of Use of the application system that allow changes to be made in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Interns will be based at this home hospital and will receive support, education and training for the year.

Allocation of rotations

Once trainees are allocated to NALHN they will be asked for their indicative preference of rotations across the network via the South Australian Medical Education and Training (SA MET) system. After home hospitals are allocated and contracts are issued, trainees will also be asked to confirm their rotation preferences by the home hospital medical education unit.

Trainee's rotation preferences and annual leave requests will be taken into consideration along with the number of available positions and the service needs of the hospital. NALHN supports a system that is fair and equitable and every clinical term is accredited for intern training.  Every effort is made to ensure that a trainee's placements reflect their preferences, interest and career direction. In common with all intern placements in South Australia some rotations are highly competitive and NALHN is not able to guarantee that an intern will get all of their preferred rotations.

Trainees will also have the opportunity to participate in the relieving and/or nights (medical or surgical) roster. Trainees will participate in an on-call roster (after-hours, weekends and public holidays) during ward-based terms.

Trainees may negotiate to swap rotations with a colleague for the final four term rotations of the year, providing the swap does not impact on their ability to meet the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (APHRA) requirements for general registration. Swapping is not allowed for the first term rotation. All swaps must be approved by both the Director of Medical Services and the Director of Clinical Training.

Feedback from previous interns has shown that the intern year at both Lyell McEwin Hospital and Modbury Hospital been a positive one, with interns obtaining rotation preferences that meet their career direction and that enable them to obtain general registration.

External rotations

Interns will not automatically be provided with rotations at Modbury and Lyell McEwin Hospital however, we will aim wherever possible, to facilitate an individual to do a selected external rotation at the other hospital if desired.

It is anticipated that each intern will spend no more than one rotation outside of their home hospital.

Access to teaching

NALHN hospitals provide a comprehensive educational program based on the Australian Curriculum Framework for Junior Doctors (ACFJD).

All interns receive a comprehensive orientation and induction program at the commencement of their internship and are supported throughout the year by a medical education team comprised of the Director of Clinical Training and Medical Education Officer.

  • Regular weekly tutorials are held at both sites.  Powerpoint presentations are are available electronically.
  • Clinical skills training sessions are scheduled throughout the year.
  • Lunchtime is protected time for interns, enabling them to attend tutorial sessions, and other education events.
  • Specific teaching will occur in each term to supplement the work experience. This may include tutorials, demonstrations, journal clubs and morbidity and mortality conferences.
  • Postgraduate Medical Education Unit teaching activities are routinely evaluated by trainees. This information is used for quality assurance and improvement.

Contact details

Directors of Clinical Training:

Director of Clinical Training:          Dr Glenda Battersby                                   

Director of Clinical Training:          Dr Ken Hand                                              

Medical Education Officers:

Medical Education Officer:          Kathy Wright                                               

Medical Education Officer:          Jenny Costi                                                 

Medical Administration:
Director of Medical Services:       Dr Conrad Wareham

Manager:                                   Karen Coppins (Lyell McEwin Hospital)

Medical Administration Officer:    Kylie Smith (Modbury Hospital)